The Hierarchy of Toys – Part 2

I recently presented at our state speech-language pathology association conference.  My topic was “The Hierarchy of Toys”.  I gave strategies to sequence and pair toys with the levels of play to achieve therapeutic outcomes.  Here is a snippet of my workshop: Ignoring  the child pays attention to non-toys; paces or wonders about the room without… Continue reading The Hierarchy of Toys – Part 2

Expanding Language With Easter Eggs

Here are a few quick ideas to use plastic Easter eggs to enhance and expand your child’s language Hide plastic eggs and describe them as you find them….”big egg, little egg, blue egg, big pink egg, yellow and green egg”.  Or, put them in a bag and have your child draw out an egg and… Continue reading Expanding Language With Easter Eggs

A re-blog – Motor Control in Autism

I have long said that children who remain non-verbal or minimally verbal after the age of 5 struggle with verbal communication not because of a social or language deficit, but because of a motor deficit.  They want to speak, but their motor system does not allow them to. Take the time to read this blog… Continue reading A re-blog – Motor Control in Autism

What’s Normal?

By now, everyone should be back in school.  And in the upcoming weeks preschools and elementary schools will be conducting speech and language screenings. Here are a few charts to help you determine where your child functions. For Language: For Speech: If you think your child is not where he or she should be, contact… Continue reading What’s Normal?