Developing Early Speech

Developmentally, the first sounds a child uses are /m/, /p/, /b/ and vowels.  Sometimes /d/ is an early sound as well. If your child seems to be making sounds but is slow to combine the sounds into words, practicing consonant-vowel combinations with the sounds that are in their repertoire is a good way to build… Continue reading Developing Early Speech

An App Discovery

I love to share with you my new discoveries! Beginning with Babble is a new app that has been developed by LEAP (Language Empowers All People) to assist caregivers of children birth to aged 4 with appropriate engagement and language modelling.  LEAP, a non-profit organization, has been at the forefront of research-based language and literacy… Continue reading An App Discovery

Holiday Books for Language Enhancement and Emergent Reading

Each year, my collection of fall and Halloween books grows.  That’s because they are so good for teaching so many skills.  They are novel and relevant and therefore motivating.  These are not specialty books, mind you.  They are books gotten at regular stores.  I prefer board books because of their durability. Here are a few… Continue reading Holiday Books for Language Enhancement and Emergent Reading

Fall Activity for Teaching Size Concepts

I created an activity this week that I would like to share.  I intended it to be for my students who are using the iPad as an alternative means of communication.  But, as I’ve played with it, I realize that it can be used for early language users, preschoolers learning basic concepts, and kiddos practicing… Continue reading Fall Activity for Teaching Size Concepts