New Finds for the New Year!

I’ve stumbled across a few goodies in recent months that I’m finding fun and useful. Matching Emoji Cards I’ve used these colorful cards from the Target Dollar Spot to talk about emotions in a fun, culturally relevant way.   Explore emotions and feelings by asking questions such as “how does this emoji feel”, “how do you… Continue reading New Finds for the New Year!


So, we are continuing the journey of streamlining toys to a single concept or theme to assist with teaching speech and language skills.  This week is boat week. My sensory bin has a few inches of water and several boats and a few Little People figures.  Pre-verbal and newly verbal kids are working on easy… Continue reading Boats

I Scream, You Scream, Teaching with Ice Cream!

Summer is here and by now your kiddos may already be tired of the slower pace and lack of schedules.  In my corner of the world, things don’t slow down, rather they ramp up!  New toys appear, new goals are written  and sessions are added to make the summer months productive for learning speech and… Continue reading I Scream, You Scream, Teaching with Ice Cream!

Flexible Brains

We had fun in social skills group yesterday, and I think that you could do a similar activity at your house. I introduced the concept of a “flexible brain”.  A flexible brain is one that can accept change and can consider alternative possibilities and solutions.  The opposite of a flexible brain is a (using the… Continue reading Flexible Brains

Sensory Processing Disorder – Part 2 – Transitions

Does your child have trouble at birthday parties, family events or community outings?  Do you have a struggle on snow days, teacher work days or appointments in the middle of the week?  How about assemblies at school, substitute teachers, babysitters, and adapting clothing to a change of season?  Do routine tasks such as brushing teeth… Continue reading Sensory Processing Disorder – Part 2 – Transitions