Summer Play List – Revised

I’m revising my list of top toys for indoor summer play to include some new discoveries. Enjoy! Construction Because so many of the kiddos that I see have difficulty with coordination, I like building toys that don’t topple easily.  They can build bigger and taller without their masterpiece falling down.  I love: Duplo blocks, Bristle… Continue reading Summer Play List – Revised

Flexible Brains

We had fun in social skills group yesterday, and I think that you could do a similar activity at your house. I introduced the concept of a “flexible brain”.  A flexible brain is one that can accept change and can consider alternative possibilities and solutions.  The opposite of a flexible brain is a (using the… Continue reading Flexible Brains

Fall Fun

Autumn is probably my favorite season for teaching thematically.  I  tend to do two week units, and in the fall my units are vocabulary based with activities that are themed around fall words.  Starting in September, I begin a series of units on buses, apples, leaves, pumpkins, scarecrows, Halloween (costumes, monsters, jack-o-lanterns, spiders) and turkeys.  Most,… Continue reading Fall Fun

Sensory Processing – Part 5 Summary of Sources – Fill Up Your Toolbox

Its been a fun journey to review some of the things that can be easily incorporated into your day to help your child (and family) cope with Sensory Processing Disorder.  These are but a “tip of the ice burg” as every child is different and that means that the strategies vary from child to child… Continue reading Sensory Processing – Part 5 Summary of Sources – Fill Up Your Toolbox

Sensory Processing – Part 4 Stay in your Seat!

A few quick tips to help your little one sit in a chair for table time or meal time without falling out of the chair, knocking over the chair, climbing on the table…..sound familiar!  Better sitting means better focus. First of all, make sure that the chair is appropriate.  Optimally, his feet should be on… Continue reading Sensory Processing – Part 4 Stay in your Seat!