A re-blog – Motor Control in Autism

I have long said that children who remain non-verbal or minimally verbal after the age of 5 struggle with verbal communication not because of a social or language deficit, but because of a motor deficit.  They want to speak, but their motor system does not allow them to. Take the time to read this blog… Continue reading A re-blog – Motor Control in Autism

Fall Fun

Autumn is probably my favorite season for teaching thematically.  I  tend to do two week units, and in the fall my units are vocabulary based with activities that are themed around fall words.  Starting in September, I begin a series of units on buses, apples, leaves, pumpkins, scarecrows, Halloween (costumes, monsters, jack-o-lanterns, spiders) and turkeys.  Most,… Continue reading Fall Fun

Fall Activity for Teaching Size Concepts

I created an activity this week that I would like to share.  I intended it to be for my students who are using the iPad as an alternative means of communication.  But, as I’ve played with it, I realize that it can be used for early language users, preschoolers learning basic concepts, and kiddos practicing… Continue reading Fall Activity for Teaching Size Concepts