Developing Early Speech

Developmentally, the first sounds a child uses are /m/, /p/, /b/ and vowels.  Sometimes /d/ is an early sound as well. If your child seems to be making sounds but is slow to combine the sounds into words, practicing consonant-vowel combinations with the sounds that are in their repertoire is a good way to build… Continue reading Developing Early Speech

Working on Articulation at Home — Where Do I Get the Stuff?

This is the fourth post in a series of working on articulation skills at home.  You may have noticed that lists of target words for repeated practice are the keys to success.  I use a variety of materials – purchased and homemade.  Changing up the activities and materials makes the work less boring and more… Continue reading Working on Articulation at Home — Where Do I Get the Stuff?

Fall Fun

Autumn is probably my favorite season for teaching thematically.  I  tend to do two week units, and in the fall my units are vocabulary based with activities that are themed around fall words.  Starting in September, I begin a series of units on buses, apples, leaves, pumpkins, scarecrows, Halloween (costumes, monsters, jack-o-lanterns, spiders) and turkeys.  Most,… Continue reading Fall Fun

What’s Normal?

By now, everyone should be back in school.  And in the upcoming weeks preschools and elementary schools will be conducting speech and language screenings. Here are a few charts to help you determine where your child functions. For Language: For Speech: If you think your child is not where he or she should be, contact… Continue reading What’s Normal?