A Fun Spring Activity

When working to grow language, we SLPs plan activities that target a few concepts and vocabulary at a time.  Rather than teaching a child to imitate a bunch a nouns, I like to teach a few relevant nouns along with “power words”.  Power words enable us to express ideas, manipulate our environment and make sentences.

Here’s a cute activity that I have put together for the next few weeks as I target spring and Easter vocabulary.  Its easy to reduplicate at home with whatever modifications will make it work for your child.

I started with a piece of plastic grass ($4 at Michaels).  Then I added a bridge and a few figurines from the Dollar Tree and my collection of tiny toys.  I’ll also toss in some plastic Easter Eggs for hiding the tiny toys.  (Here’s a post on tiny toys Mini Sensory Bin).



What do I teach with this?

Prepositions:  bunnies on the bridge, in the grass, going up the steps

Verbs: climbing up, hiding, open (for the toys hidden inside eggs)

Concepts: colors (golden eggs, white bunny), quantities (how many eggs?), pretend play

How do I teach with this?

PLAY!  Just have fun moving the toys and making adventures.  Model play themes allowing your child opportunities to imitate.  Use play and vocabulary on your child’s level, sneaking in new words and concepts.  Use lots of repetition.  This activity can be kept in a small container and brought out for play while in a waiting room, at a restaurant or at the on the porch steps while enjoying the sunshine.  Kids are attracted to novel play, so even combining things you already have in a new way is motivating and engaging.  This grass is allergen free, doesn’t stain clothing and doesn’t need to be cut!

So, go enjoy some spring fun.  One Word At A Time!


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