Something Fishy

I’m continuing through my summer of thematic teaching and offering you ideas of simple learning activities that you can do at home to encourage language learning.

Last post I shared my ideas for beach week.  This week, I added a few things and now we are all about things that live in the ocean.  I kept the sea shells in my sensory bin, and added plastic sea animals.  These are easily accessible from dollar stores and beach gift shops.

Vocabulary for the week:  fish, whale, seal, seahorse, octopus, squid, crab, lobster, dolphin, shark, turtle.   My kids are learning to identify, match, spell, compare/contrast, describe, sort and engage in pretend play with my animals.

This is a sea creature math manipulative set.  I photocopied some of the animals to make a mat for matching and doing rapid naming tasks.

 We are also enjoying sea creature puzzles, especially the ones with the magnetic fishing poles (great for fine motor work!)

And of coarse, there is always time for games.  My older kids were very happy to see Shark Mania make its annual appearance.  Some of them have been asking for it all summer.

I hope you have fun getting fishy with your kiddos this week! One Word At A Time!

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