So, we are continuing the journey of streamlining toys to a single concept or theme to assist with teaching speech and language skills.  This week is boat week.

My sensory bin has a few inches of water and several boats and a few Little People figures.  Pre-verbal and newly verbal kids are working on easy words such as “boat”, “row row” and “water”.  Other kids are using pretend play to take all sorts of wet adventures!

Theme overall theme for my social skills group this summer is “try something new”, so we made boats out of apples, blueberries and cheese.  These were new foods for several of the kids and they were very brave for giving it a try.  A project such as this also targets planning, cooperation, following directions and sequencing.  There were fun sensory experiences too!

Kiddos working on problem solving were given random supplies and told to make something that floats.  It was fun to watch the process of trial and error as they figured out that in order to keep a boat from sinking,  you have fold the edges of the foil.

I turned to and my pinterest board ( for printables to reinforce site words, phonics, articulation and concepts.

I turned to googleimages for pictures of various types of boats.  With a little copy and pasting, I had a set of flash cards.   We’ve working on learning new vocabulary as well as comparing and contrasting.  How is a canoe like a kayak?  How is it different?

So again, I challenge you moms and dads (and teachers and therapists) out there.  Pick a theme and plan your learning and play time around that theme.  Reduce the number of toys available.  Feel free to use my ideas and share new ones.  Let the summer be a time to learn One Word At A Time.

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