I Scream, You Scream, Teaching with Ice Cream!

Summer is here and by now your kiddos may already be tired of the slower pace and lack of schedules.  In my corner of the world, things don’t slow down, rather they ramp up!  New toys appear, new goals are written  and sessions are added to make the summer months productive for learning speech and language.

If you find yourself in a slump with a messy play room and not sure what skills to work on, try this strategy.  As I’ve mentioned before, less is more when it comes to toys.  Consider packing away all the toys leaving out just a few things that carry a theme.  Something for building, something for pretend play, something easy and musical and something in a sensory bin is all you need.  With fewer toys, you can expand creativity and language possibilities.

For example, for the past two weeks my theme was ice cream.  The sensory bin was filled with a Lego ice cream set.

This led to matching patterns for building, playing ice cream store, labeling colors, problem solving what each color would taste like if it were real, counting and so much more.  There was something for every level using just this one simple toy.  A quick search on the Teachers Pay Teachers site and Pinterest (see my board here: https://www.pinterest.com/in2speech/speech-stuff-summer/) gave me a plethora of paper/pencil learning activities.  My pre-reading group made a giant ice cream cone while working on beginning sounds.

My social skills group read a book about yummy and yucky ice cream and created new ice cream flavors.  Other kids worked on following directions for coloring, patterns, colors and sorting and writing ice cream stories.  For my articulation kids, I put the target words on ice cream scoops for a novel way to practice.

And of coarse, you can make ice cream at home or take a trip to your favorite ice cream shop.  The possibilities for describing, social skills and conversation are endless.

So, consider packing up the same old/same old.  Present your kids with something streamlined and simple and focus on new words, new sounds and new ideas.  Feel free to steal one of my ideas and share with me one of yours!  Its all about teaching our kids, one word at a time.

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