An App Discovery

I love to share with you my new discoveries!

Beginning with Babble is a new app that has been developed by LEAP (Language Empowers All People) to assist caregivers of children birth to aged 4 with appropriate engagement and language modelling.  LEAP, a non-profit organization, has been at the forefront of research-based language and literacy development in Chicago since 1980.  They have focused on inner-city parents and teachers reinforcing the importance and language and literacy.  This app is one of their newly developed tools that they are now offering to those outside of the Chicago area.  It is a sustainable, cost-effective form of intervention.  Beginning with Babble is the culmination of years of research, experience and programming.


Beginning with Babble is a free app available on both Apple and Droid platforms.  It capitalizes on the fact that parents are the first, most important teachers in a child’s life.  Throughout the day, he app provides caregivers with brief reminders to interact with their child.  By growing the caregivers’ awareness of the power of talk, interaction and play the amount of positive interactions are amplified.  Research shows that regular verbal engagement with the babies and toddlers in an intentional way leads to enhanced language skills with prepares the way for literacy and school success.

Parents down load the app to their phone.  From the “settings” tab, they enter their child’s name and date of birth.

Then, they are able to schedule their notifications.

Throughout the day, they will get reminders accompanied by this great chirping sound.  They will be given learning activities, games or just a reminder to stop and talk to their child.  There is a library of thousands of tips as well as a video library to watch positive interactions and learning play.


Not every parent or caregiver needs specific instructions, but I truly think that the daily reminders to focus on the child can be helpful to everyone.  Its a great way to keep the loud, crazy, frantic world we live in from interfering with our children’s development and learning.

Try this tool!  Help your child One Word At A Time……..One Notification At A Time

To learn more, go to:

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