Better Speech and Hearing Month

The American Speech and Hearing Association, ASHA is the national professional organization for speech-language pathologists.  ASHA hails May as Better Speech and Hearing Month.  It is a time to increase awareness of what SLPs do.  Its not quite the end of May, so I’ll do my part.  Our profession is often misunderstood.  In schools, we… Continue reading Better Speech and Hearing Month

M is for Meltdown!

Hunger, tiredness, being overwhelmed, sensory overload, not getting their way are all ingredients in the recipe for a meltdown.  You know what that is…we’ve all experienced it.  Crying (sobbing actually), falling to the floor, refusal to comply, screaming, thrashing with maybe a side of aggression.  What to do? I heard a speaker once talk about… Continue reading M is for Meltdown!

C is for Compliance

If you are having non-compliance challenges, first assess the situation and try to determine why the non-compliance is occurring.  See last week’s post, “B is for Behavior” for a better understanding of assessing behavior.  Sometimes, after you know the cause, getting a change in behavior is a quick fix.  Sometimes, it is not. The next… Continue reading C is for Compliance