Expanding Language With Easter Eggs


Here are a few quick ideas to use plastic Easter eggs to enhance and expand your child’s language

Hide plastic eggs and describe them as you find them….”big egg, little egg, blue egg, big pink egg, yellow and green egg”.  Or, put them in a bag and have your child draw out an egg and describe it.  Sort eggs by size or by color.

Work on prepositions by hiding eggs and then telling your child where to look….”behind the sofa, beside the fireplace, under the rug”.  Switch roles and have your child give you directions on hiding so he can use prepositional terms.

Fill eggs with tiny toys.  Practice phrases such as “open then pink egg” and talk about the treasures inside.  Shopkins, shaped erasers, Barbie accessories, tiny animals, game pieces (think Monopoly tokens) or small party favors are perfect.  Once all the toys are revealed, guide your child in pretend play with all the pieces.

I hope your Easter is filled with lots of colorful eggs, sunshine, playtime and a healthy dose of your favorite candy….all enjoyed One Word at a Time.   Happy Easter!!!


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