Fall Activity for Teaching Size Concepts

I created an activity this week that I would like to share.  I intended it to be for my students who are using the iPad as an alternative means of communication.  But, as I’ve played with it, I realize that it can be used for early language users, preschoolers learning basic concepts, and kiddos practicing articulation (/l/ for leaf, /b/ for big, /s/ for small or multi-syllable words – “medium”, “big leaf”, “tiny leaf”.

The leaves are a pattern from an educational site, cut out and laminated with contact paper.



The app is called “Choice Board Creator”.  Its a freebie!



I used Google Images to get the small and large circle.  You could expand this to include a selection for medium as well.  You could also use colors instead of size.  Choice Board Creator is simple to use and very flexible.  You can have up to 6 choices per screen and can create an unlimited number of screens.  In this activity, there is just one screen that repeats itself.  There are just two choices.  You can also select auditory feedback for correct responses.  I like the applause because it makes the kids happy.   I created the game in less than 10 minutes.

To play, present the leaf and the child taps the appropriate box.  If you are practicing verbal skills, have the child say whatever the target is each time (for example, “big leaf”  or “leaf” or “It is a little red leaf”).   I like activities like this because it allows my non-verbal children to show me what they know or it can teach them a concept (size) and reinforce the concept through repetition.  Using the iPad is always motivating.



If any of you decide to make a learning activity on Choice Board Creator, please share.  I’d love to see how you are teaching your child One Word (Concept) at a Time!

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