Great Video Discovery

I just stumbled upon this wonderful Pixar short film that tells a delightful story. Its perfect for teaching children to appreciate differences.  In the film, clouds make babies.  The storks pick up the babies and deliver them to earth.  Some clouds make cute human babies, fuzzy chicks and little bunnies.  But, one cloud makes odd things like alligators who chomp and porcupines with quills.  His delivery stork works hard to transport those creatures.

download (1)

I used this yesterday in a social skills group.  I introduced the word “unique”.  Unique means different and special.  Unique is OK.  The kids listed the uniquness of the animals in the film.  Then,  they listed the things that were unique about themselves….liking computer games, hand flapping, having freckles, only liking the color blue….these are all unique characteristics.  And, there is nothing wrong with having unique habits, interests or physical features.

The film also has a misunderstanding between the stork and the cloud which can lead to dialogue about assuming things and getting upset when actually your assumption was incorrect.

If you have a unique child, or if you know a unique child (that covers all of us, I think) it will be well worth 5 minutes of your time to view this film.

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