Summer Play List – Part 2 – Sensory Bins

Don’t be daunted by the fancy word.  A sensory bin is simply a container filled with something for sensory play.  The play can be tactile (textured, messy), auditory (things that make various noises and sounds), visual (things that are colorful and fun to watch move), fine motor (small connecting or building toys), multi-sensory or for… Continue reading Summer Play List – Part 2 – Sensory Bins

Summer Play List – Revised

I’m revising my list of top toys for indoor summer play to include some new discoveries. Enjoy! Construction Because so many of the kiddos that I see have difficulty with coordination, I like building toys that don’t topple easily.  They can build bigger and taller without their masterpiece falling down.  I love: Duplo blocks, Bristle… Continue reading Summer Play List – Revised

Social Skills and the Revolutionary War

     Sometimes, you toss your  pre-planned lesson out the window when the opportunity presents itself to teach something real and practical and important.  That happened one day when T. walked into my office and flopped into the chair.  T. is in the 4th grade.  We’ve worked together for a while.  He trusts me and… Continue reading Social Skills and the Revolutionary War


Play……. It is a child’s way of exploring, of expressing and learning.  For some children, its very natural seamless.  They progress from rattles to musical toys to wooden blocks to elaborate dramatic play as easily as they increase their shoe size. For other children, though, play is not a vehicle of growth.  Play is overstimulating,… Continue reading Play