Kindergarten, Here I Come!

Do you have a little one starting kindergarten in the fall?  Research shows that success in kindergarten sets the tone for continued success throughout future years of education.  Here are some practical skills that can make your kindergartener a kindergarten-super star: 1:  The ability to follow group instructions and physically stay within a group.  I… Continue reading Kindergarten, Here I Come!

Summer Play List – Revised

I’m revising my list of top toys for indoor summer play to include some new discoveries. Enjoy! Construction Because so many of the kiddos that I see have difficulty with coordination, I like building toys that don’t topple easily.  They can build bigger and taller without their masterpiece falling down.  I love: Duplo blocks, Bristle… Continue reading Summer Play List – Revised

Better Speech and Hearing Month

The American Speech and Hearing Association, ASHA is the national professional organization for speech-language pathologists.  ASHA hails May as Better Speech and Hearing Month.  It is a time to increase awareness of what SLPs do.  Its not quite the end of May, so I’ll do my part.  Our profession is often misunderstood.  In schools, we… Continue reading Better Speech and Hearing Month