Helping with New Experiences

I recently did a bowling outing with a group of boys who have been working with me on social communication skills. We spent the session prior to the outing planning and preparing. Because the boys were prepared for this new experience, the game went well. They took care of getting their shoes and balls, bowled,… Continue reading Helping with New Experiences

A Year of Sensory Bins

A sensory bin is any container filled with small items for an activity.  Often, they are themed.  A sensory bin can be a fancy pre-made bin that fits into a table.  It can also be any tub or container.  Having a fitted lid allows you to store your sensory bin and use it for quiet… Continue reading A Year of Sensory Bins

If Your Child is Getting Speech Therapy, You Should Read This

I’m getting backing into the blogging routine.  This post has been rattling around in my head for sometime.  If you have a child getting speech-language therapy, you need to know that you are part of the therapeutic process.  A very important part, actually.  So, here are some things that your child’s speech therapist wants you… Continue reading If Your Child is Getting Speech Therapy, You Should Read This

New Finds for the New Year!

I’ve stumbled across a few goodies in recent months that I’m finding fun and useful. Matching Emoji Cards I’ve used these colorful cards from the Target Dollar Spot to talk about emotions in a fun, culturally relevant way.   Explore emotions and feelings by asking questions such as “how does this emoji feel”, “how do you… Continue reading New Finds for the New Year!

Something Fishy

I’m continuing through my summer of thematic teaching and offering you ideas of simple learning activities that you can do at home to encourage language learning. Last post I shared my ideas for beach week.  This week, I added a few things and now we are all about things that live in the ocean.  I… Continue reading Something Fishy